small plates

raglan sourdough, garlic butter   11.00

chicken liver parfait, balsamic onions, sourdough 18.50

marinated olives, chili, garlic, rosemary   10.00

ravioli: smoked potato, parmesan, sage, pine nuts  18.50/ lrg 36.00

lightly spiced fish soup, toasted sourdough    sml 12.00 / lrg 17.00

pan fried prawns, chili, ginger, coriander  17.00

O.F.C, orca fried chicken wings, chipotle mayo     14.00

peppered calamari, green leaves, lemon mayo     sml 14.00 / lrg 18.00

raglan sourdough bruschetta, crispy capers, rocket, pickled onion                              

-house smoked salmon     11.00 / lrg 22.00

- peppered portobello mushroom   11.00 / lrg 22.00

main plates

roasted lamb rump, peas, spiced lentils, carrots, feta cream    37.00

market fish, saffron orzo, tomato, mussels     36.00

chargrilled sirloin, mash, mushroom, blue cheese tart, broccolini    36.00

braised beef cheek, whipped potato, mushrooms, thick cut bacon, jus  36.00

free range chicken and prawn noodle bowl, chili, coriander, peanuts, soy   35.50

goodness salad, kumara, broccolini, avo, spinach, hummus, dukkah, aioli  23.00


beer battered fish, fries, green salad, house made tartare   24.50

burger, mcClure pickles, meyer gouda, cos, jalapeno relish, fries, aioli   23.50

-butcher’s beef patty -cooked pink

-lentil patty

side plates

whipped potato mash     9.00

side chips, aioli    9.00

mixed leaves    9.00

seasonal vege   9.00

kumara chunks, aioli   10.50


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